The IV International Conference Learning and Teaching in Higher Education “Students & Teachers” is organized by the University of Évora in association with the University of Valencia (Spain) and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil) and its central theme has to do with teaching and learning relationships with particular emphasis on its key players: students and teachers. Lately the research and scientific production component has assumed the main role in the university context, leaving in the shadows the fundamental dimension of teaching and learning, in particular its pedagogical perspective. We assume that reflecting on university pedagogy remains not a current practice in the university context despite the Bologna Reform, the massification challenges and the substantial technological development. The need to think about university pedagogy, in which student learning is central, is certainly shared by many university teachers, regardless of their discipline or scientific area. However, in higher education learning and teaching research there is much to be clarified from the perspective of students and teachers. This conference aims to make space for reflecting and sharing within the scope of university pedagogy, including psychology, sociology and other scientific areas critical contributions based on a multidisciplinary perspective on the relevance of developing a better teaching ‘professionality’ and expanding the understanding of higher education student’s role.


– Higher Education

– Transition to Higher Education

– Pedagogy at the University

– University Teaching

– Development and Learning

– Socialization in the university context

– Educational Inclusion and Well-Being

– Educational Technology

– Educational Policies

– Education and gender

– Transition to the labour market